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Jensen Localization is a translation and localization company with offices in The Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. This blog is a common place for sharing news about the language industry and about our company, including internal activities and social commitment with the most needed people.

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Jensen Localization is a localization company with offices in The Netherlands and Spain. We help companies reach international markets thanks to the translation and cultural adaptation (that is what localization is all about) of their products (websites, software, hardware, user manuals, EULAs, warranty certifications, etc.). We work on the IT, health care, automotive and tourism industries.

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. zeinab

    Dear Sir/ MAdam

    Thank You so much for your Survey. I totally read it.
    Actually I’m a postgraduate Translation Studies Student based in Iran.
    It’s been for a while I’m going to Do a survey on the state of CAT tools in Iran. I aim to know which is the most used CAT tool among translators in Iran and related questions.
    Upon searching, I found your survey great.
    Now what I actually beg you to do is that can You provide me with the methodology of doing your survey, whether Questioire or interveiw, in eeach case could please suply me with your questions, or at least helping me in designing my own??
    I,m ready to send you my research proposal, if you would like.

    Best Regards

    1. admin

      Dear Zeinab,
      Thanks for your comment! We would like to help you in your research, please contact our Business Development Manager Alicia González and she will get back to you at her earliest convenience. Just email us to info@jensen-localization.com and we will forward the message to her.


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